I am a Member of the Parliament from the city of Tampere and a third term member of the city council. My background is in sociology, especially I have researched working life. I have three children.

In a communal level I am in the politics for a second round as a representative of the Left Alliance. In addition I participate in societal discussion by writing columns and books.

As a researcher and a politician it is important for me to find out about the facts behind the events. Pretty words do not always count, so you have to listen to the people concerned and find out about how things are by yourself. In my case it means things like living in the trailer park with migrant workers, working in the home for the elderly and interviewing the cooks of the schools.

My books handle things like unofficial labor market, migration, women’s status, sexuality, power structures of the society and theology.

  • Member of the Parliament, the Left Alliance
  • City councillor in Tampere
  • Member of the Labour and Eguality committee and the Future committee